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   FIS Book Fair
   Jan 26 2015
   FIS Midterm
   Feb 06 2015
   FIS President's Day No School
   Feb 16 2015
   FIS Parent/Teacher Conference (1:00 - 6:00PM)
   Feb 23 2015
   FIS Teacher Institute No Student Attendance
   Mar 06 2015
  January 2015  
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Welcome to Frankfort Intermediate School

"Building the Future One Child at a Time."  
Scholastic Book Fair at FIS 
January 26-29th

If you haven't already -- please check out FIS Updates under the section "For Parents".  The students are doing a great job of keeping us informed about the happenings of FIS!

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5-Essentials Survey
Redbird Chirp Monthly Character Theme

We include others when we play.

We congratulate our classmates when they do well.

We share.

If we win we don't brag, if we lose, we don't show anger.

Our Mission
The mission of Frankfort Intermediate School is to support the school district's curriculum, involve and assist members of the learning community in becoming active and useful members in their children's learning, and to provide a physical environment that is conducive to learning for all students.

Our Vision

The cooperative effort of parents and Frankfort Intermediate staff will provide a comprehensive program to help students become successful in their further educational experiences and career development.